Process of Mascot Design 3D

Help LIEK DESIGN become the one and only branding agency with a top-notch mascot.

Client: Liek Design
Services: Mascot Design, Mascot Style Guide, 3D Model, Discovery, Brand & Marketing Strategy

CASE STUDIES – Mascot Design 3D


Liek Design



Mascot Design, 3D mascot model, Mascot Style Guide, Discovery, Brand & Marketing Strategy, Content Creations



Help Liek Design become the one & only branding agency with a top-notch mascot. Refresh the 2D mascot design into 3D mascot. To increase brand recognition, and engage with audiences across the brand’s social media platforms. Also, to prefect the 3D model process for more functionality for coming animation productions.



Exponential increase in conversion rates for the brand agency.


Who is this brand's ideal client? Who is this mascot for?


The Design Phase.


Turning designs into 3 dimensional model.

Phase 1: The Brand Discovery

During the Brand Discovery session, we will cover topics such as brand positioning, identifying your ideal clients, analyzing your competitors’ marketing collaterals, and discussing brand strategy, among other elements. This is going to be a thorough project briefing.


Phase 2: Concept Development

The Presentation. It’s time for the ideations to take form and shape. We will present our proposed concepts.

Phase 3: Brand Mascot Refresh

From 2D to 3D discovery and development.

Phase 4: 3D Model

Turning 2D designs into 3D modelling. Refinement and functionality tests in process.